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College and University Hockey

College and University Hockey

Throw in a few conferences for the NCAA, at a variety of levels, add in a high quality of Canadian University and College teams and you have the mixture for this, our College College and University Hockey Area.

Unlike other NCAA sports the traditional conferences are not maintained in hockey. These can be somewhat confusing to start, but we are sure you'll get the hang of it. Unlike other sports NCAA Division II Hockey is not supported but NCAA Division III hockey conferences are.

This tends to be an issue as many web portals list club teams under the Division II listing. There is a division structure under the club team system, including division I, II, and II. To see more information see the NCAA Club Hockey section below.

Canadian Universities support hockey programs. Canadian Colleges also support interschool conferences.

To round out the leagues we have added Women's University/College teams section that covers both the NCAA and Canadian University athletics.

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NCAA Division I Hockey

NCAA Division I Hockey Information

The NCAA Division I Hockey section covers many sections.

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NCAA Division III Hockey

NCAA Division III Hockey:

The NCAA Division III Hockey section includes all the conference information, team contact information, and past champions.

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NCAA Club Hockey

NCAA Club Hockey:

The NCAA Club Hockey conferences and leagues are covered in this section. Contact and conference information for Division I Club conferences are included. In addition links to Division II and Division III Club Conferences are available.

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Canadian University Hockey

Canadian University Hockey:

The Canadian Inter University Sport (CIS) (formerly Canadian Inter University Athletic Union CIAU) is arguably the most underrated league in North America. We have the contact information for the various conferences and teams. The CIS is comprised of mostly ex Major Junior players as well as top Junior A players and this combination makes for highly skilled hockey. Past CIS champions are listed here.

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Canadian College Hockey

Canadian College Hockey:

Canadian college hockey refers to Community college hockey not university level. It consists of two conferences. The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) and the Alberta Colleges (ACAC). It is under the jurisdiction of the CCAA, Canadian College Athletic Association.

We have the conference and team contact information and the past champions listed.

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Women's University Hockey

Women's College/University Hockey:

Be sure to check out our conference information for both the NCAA and Canadian University Women's Hockey. Included are the past champions of the individual divisions.