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The ACHA is the governing body of club ice hockey. No other intercollegiate club sport has such a high level of organization. The ACHA parallels the NCAA in most regards, from officiating to the rulebook, with the exception that it's club hockey. Due to the nature of college ice hockey, several universities have opted to go the club route and field teams within the ACHA. Many of the ACHA Division I teams play on the level of NCAA Division III hockey teams, while the perennial powers, Iowa State, Penn State, Ohio and Michigan-Dearborn, could probably compete with lower-level NCAA Division I teams. Many NCAA ice hockey programs opt to use their ACHA club team as the equivalent to a Junior Varsity program to develop its players. Strict NCAA requirements and large operating budgets are the primary barriers to entering the NCAA ranks. Due to the size of the ACCHL schools, they would have to move up to NCAA Division I hockey, and that comes with strict requirements. A 2,500 seat on-campus rink is the primary one. (Many ACCHL schools currently have dual-purpose arenas or will be in the process of building one.)


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