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Junior B Hockey

Junior B Hockey - Canada and the United States

This section covers Junior B Hockey leagues across Canada and the United States. Like most other areas team contact information is included on each league page. Junior B hockey in Canada is widespread with a number of leagues. Tending to be small town or comunity based it serves as a place for the development of skilled players. Many times Junior B hockey clubs will have aggreements with a Major Junior A hockey team. Major changes to the structure of Junior B hockey in Ontario occured in 2007 with the merging of leagues into the Greater Ontario Hockey League.

Championships are national for the United States, playing for the Silver Cup. In Canada there is no national Junir B champion declared. There are a series of provincial playdowns and regional cups presented. These are outlined below.

Listed are the leagues and we have also added previous champions links, although much of this information is still uncomplete preliminary at this time. Many of the leagues do not have complete records.

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Junior B Hockey - Canadian Leagues

Canadian Junior B Hockey Leagues

There a a large number of Junior B hockey leagues in Canada and the list below includes many of these. Included is basic contact information and league information.

Greater Ontario Hockey League Past Champions
Heritage Past Champions
Kootenay Past Champions
Capital Past Champions
Pacific International Past Champions
Vancouver Island Past Champions
Northeastern Alberta Past Champions
Thunder Bay Past Champions
Eastern Ontario Past Champions
Prairie Junior Hockey League (South Saskatchewan) Past Champions
Nova Scotia (NSJBHL) Past Champions
Keystone Junior Hockey League (Manitoba) Past Champions
Northwest (Manitoba) Past Champions
(Prince Edward) Island Past Champions
(Newfoundland) St. John's Past Champions
Previous Leagues  
Northwest Alberta Past Champions
North of Superior Past Champions
North Saskatchewan (Prairie Junior Hockey League for 2007-08) Past Champions
Golden Horseshoe (merged in Greater Ontario Hockey League 2007/08) Past Champions
Midwest Ontario (merged in Greater Ontario Hockey League 2007/08) Past Champions
Western Ontario (merged in Greater Ontario Hockey League 2007/08) Past Champions

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Junior B Hockey Canadian Regional Playoffs

Junior B Hockey Leagues - Canadian Regional Playoffs

Although there is no national Canadian Junior B hockey championship, a variety of regional winners are determined each year.

Sutherland Cup (Ontario Jr B Championship)

Keystone Cup (Western Canadian Jr B Championship) contested for by:

Cyclone Taylor Cup (British Columbia Jr B Championship)
Don Johnson Cup (Atlantic Jr B Championship)

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Junior B Hockey League - United States

Junior B Hockey Leagues - United States

USA Hockey (sanctioned) Leagues were restructured through 2007-08 to a include a new Tier III Junior A clasification. Many of the previous Junior B leagues are now under that claasification. We have noted that in the following list.

USA Junior B Hockey consists of seven leagues based throughout the United States.

Continental Hockey Association - Premier Previous Champions
Metropolitan Previous Champions
Empire Previous Champions
Previous Leagues  
Interstate Previous Champions
Central States (Revised classification to Tier III Jr A) Previous Champions
Minnesota (Revised classification to Tier III Jr A) Previous Champions
Western States (Revised classification to Tier III Jr A) Previous Champions
Northern Pacific (Revised classification to Tier III Jr A) Previous Champions


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Junior B Hockey United States Silver Cup Championship

Junior B Hockey Championship- The Silver Cup

Each year the USA Hockey sactioned leagues participate in a tournament to determine a national champion. Awarded the Silver Cup they are crowned the USA Junior B champions.

Silver Cup Championship