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The Auto Racing Area....where the tire smoke fills the air

The Auto Racing Area includes links to the NASCAR. Champ Car, IRL and the international F1 series. The site is unique in that previous winners by track are highlited. Be sure to check out our past yearly champions area for all the auto racing series.

The racing area ialso has individual race stats for many of the racing series.




Indy Racing League (IRL) Indy Car

Indy Racing League (IRL)

Champ Car World Series (previously CART)

Champ Car World Series

The series was run from 1979 to 2008, when it seclared bamkruptcy and teams remaining merged with the IRL.

Formula 1 (F1)

Formula I

International Race of Champions (IROC)

International Race of Champions (IROC)

The series was run between 1974 to 2006 matching different race series champions against each other in equally matched race cars. Learn more about the series here.

Race Tracks and Road Circuits

Race Tracks and Road Circuits

A detailed listing of race tracks and road circuits used by all of the major racing series. Be sure to visit the detail pages that have more information on each of the tracks or cicuits listed.

Race Tracks and Road Cicuits Listing

Racing Series

The NASCAR series originated in 1947 when Bill France gathered promoters from Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest to the Ebony Bar atop the Streamline Inn in Daytona, and drew up the initial rules and regulations of the modern day NASCAR.- the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. The first "true" NASCAR race, in the division that would lead to the present-day  Sprint Cup Series, was held at the Charlotte (N.C.) Fairgrounds on June 19, 1949. Today NASCAR covers a variety of vehicles inclusing trucks.

Formula 1 racing, the elite series of open wheeled cars. Starting in 1950 the series covers the modern era of Grand Prix racing.

Other open wheel racing series also include the IRL and Cart.

A unique series in which drivers from a variety of racing series competed against each other was the International Race of Champions (IROC) series. It was run from 1979 to 2006.