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National Hockey League - 1964 Round 1 Draft History

Type Rnd Pick Team Name Pos From League
A 1 1 Detroit Red Wings Claude Gauthier Rosemount Midgets
A 1 2 Boston Bruins Alex Campbell R Strathroy Midgets
A 1 3 New York Rangers Bob Graham D Toronto Marlboro Midgets
A 1 4 Chicago Black Hawks Richie Bayes C Dixie Midgets
A 1 5 Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Martin R Toronto Marlboro Midgets
A 1 6 Montreal Canadiens Claude Chagnon Rosemount Midgets

1964 Round 2 Draft Results

Type Rnd Pick Team Name Pos From League
A 2 7 Detroit Red Wings Brian Watts L Toronto Marlboro Midgets
A 2 8 Boston Bruins Jim Booth L Sault Ste. Marie
A 2 9 New York Rangers Tim Ecclestone L Etobicoke Jr. B
A 2 10 Chicago Black Hawks Jan Popiel L Georgetown Midgets
A 2 11 Toronto Maple Leafs Dave Cotey Aurora Jr. C
A 2 12 Montreal Canadiens Guy Allen D Stamford Jr. B

1964 Round 3 Draft Results

Type Rnd Pick Team Name Pos From League
A 3 13 Detroit Red Wings Ralph Buchanan D Montreal East Intermediates
A 3 14 Boston Bruins Ken Dryden G Etobicoke Jr. B
A 3 15 New York Rangers Gordon Lowe D Toronto Marlboro Midgets
A 3 16 Chicago Black Hawks Carl Hadfield R Dixie Jr. B
A 3 17 Toronto Maple Leafs Mike Pelyk D Toronto Marlboro Midgets
A 3 18 Montreal Canadiens Paul Reid Kingston Midgets

1964 Round 4 Draft Results

Type Rnd Pick Team Name Pos From League
A 4 19 Detroit Red Wings Rene Leclerc R Hamilton Jr. B
A 4 20 Boston Bruins Blair Allister Ingersoll Jr. B
A 4 21 New York Rangers Syl Apps C Kingston Midgets
A 4 22 Chicago Black Hawks Moe L'Abbe R Rosemount Midgets
A 4 23 Toronto Maple Leafs Jim Dorey D Stamford Jr. B
A 4 24 Montreal Canadiens Michel Jacques L Megantic Jr. B

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The National Hockey League (NHL) is the premier hockey league in the world. The National Hockey League (NHL) currently consists of 30 teams, in major cities of the United States and Canada.The NHL was founded in 1917 amid a storm of controversy in Canadian hockey leagues.