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The Football Area....a guide to the gridiron.

The Football Area contains not only information on American football, but Arena/Indoor football leagues also. Be sure to check out the up and coming Women's football leagues too. Full of football statistics, award winners and records this area supplies you with a wealth of information.

If you just toss the pigskin around for exercise, or strap on the football shoulder pads, tie up your football cleats and grab the footballs for a real game now and then, browse the site for the information you want.

National Football League (NFL)

NFL (National Football League)

The National Football League (NFL) section is an extensive collection of information. From detailed NFL team information and season records to the National Football League yearly award winners, this section is filled with football information.

  • NFL Information: links and general information on the National Football League and teams

  • NFL Team Directory: contact information on NFL teams.

  • NFL Team Info area contains detailed team information, including season records, team records, past managers, and latest headline news on each team.

  • NFL Awards area contains current and past winners of the major awards.

  • Super Bowl section, covers the past winners of the NFL Championship, and MVP's.

  • NFL Records section includes all the major records, both team and individual.

Other Professional Football Leagues

CFL (Canadian Football League)

NFL Europe (1991-2007)

  • NFL Europe Team Directory has links and general information on the NFL Europe Teams.

  • Past championship results of NFL Europe.

Indoor Football

Indoor Football Leagues

This section is the gateway to information on teams and champions of the fast paced game played indoors.

College Football


Listing and link directory of NCAA Football Division I, including past bowl winners, and a champions area, by conference. In addition Canadian University football is also included in this section. Also be sure to check out the Division 1AA, Division II and Division III areas with past championship results.

Women's Football

Women's Pro Football

An extensive listing of women's football leagues. Lots of changes here, almost monthly it seems.

American Football - History

The game’s beginnings are in rugby, an English game with many similarities to football. Soon after the end of the American Civil War, colleges began organizing football games. In 1867, Princeton established some rudimentary rules of the game. Also in that year, the football itself was patented.

Rutgers College and Princeton, played the first intercollegiate football game.on November 6th , 1869 which Rutgers won by a score of six goals to four.

In 1873, representatives from Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton, and Yale met in New York City to formulate the first intercollegiate football rules. These four teams established the Intercollegiate Football Association, and set as fifteen the number of players allowed on each team.

Walter Camp, the coach at Yale, led the IFA’s rules committee, which, cut the number of players from fifteen to eleven, and also instituted the size of the playing field, at 110 yards. In1882 Camp also introduced the system of downs. ,Initially the rules allowed fot 3 downs to gain 5 yards, changing to 10 yards in 1906. The fourth down was added in 1912.

Professional football was first played in 1895 and in 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formed. One year later it was reorganized and in 1922 was renamed the National Football League..

A merger in 1970, combined 16 NFL teams with 10 AFL teams to comprise one league with two conferences.

Although other professional football leagues have started up over the years the NFL remains the premier American Football professinal league.

A variation of the game is played indoors in an arena setting. Arena Football League started in 1987 and consists of eight man teams.