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Baseball Minor AAA Leagues - International League Champions

Baseball Minor AAA Leagues - International League Champions

Each year via a playoff format the champion tean of the International League (Class AAA Minor League Baseball) is awarded the Governors' Cup. Past results are listed below.

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Year Winner Manager Runner-up Manager Other Participants
1900 Providence        
1901 Rochester        
1902 Toronto        
1903 Jersey City        
1904 Buffalo        
1905 Providence        
1906 Buffalo        
1907 Providence        
1908 Baltimore        
1909 Rochester        
1910 Rochester        
1911 Rochester        
1912 Toronto        
1913 Newark        
1914 Providence        
1915 Buffalo        
1916 Buffalo        
1917 Toronto        
1918 Toronto        
1919 Baltimore        
1920 Baltimore        
1921 Baltimore        
1922 Baltimore        
1923 Baltimore        
1924 Baltimore        
1925 Baltimore        
1926 Toronto        
1927 Buffalo        
1928 Rochester        
1929 Rochester        
1930 Rochester        
1931 Rochester        
1932 Newark        
1933 Buffalo Ray Schalk Rochester George Toporcer Newark-Baltimore
1934 Toronto Ike Boone Rochester George Toporcer Newark-Albany
1935 Syracuse Nemo Leibold Montreal Frank Shaughnessy Buffalo-Newark
1936 *Buffalo Ray Schalk Baltimore Guy Sturdy Newark-Rochester
1937 *Newark Oscar Vitt Baltimore Clyde Crouse Syracuse-Montreal
1938 *Newark Johnny Neun Buffalo Steve O'Neill Rochester-Syracuse
1939 Rochester Billy Southworth Newark Johnny Neun Jersey City-Buffalo
1940 Newark Johnny Neun Baltimore Tommy Thomas Rochester-Jersey City
1941 Montreal Clyde Sukeforth Newark Johnny Neun Buffalo-Rochester
1942 Syracuse Jewel Ens Jersey City Frank Snyder Montreal-Newark
1943 Syracuse Jewel Ens Toronto Burleigh Grimes Newark-Montreal
1944 *Baltimore Tommy Thomas Newark Bill Meyer Buffalo-Toronto
1945 Newark Bill Meyer Montreal Bruno Betzel Toronto-Baltimore
1946 *Montreal Clay Hopper Syracuse Jewel Ens Baltimore-Newark
1947 Syracuse Jewel Ens Buffalo Paul Richards Jersey City-Montreal
1948 *Montreal Clay Hopper Syracuse Jewel Ens Rochester-Newark
1949 Montreal Clay Hopper Buffalo Paul Richards Rochester-Jersey City
1950 Baltimore Nick Cullop Rochester Johnny Keane Montreal-Jersey City
1951 *Montreal Walter Alston Syracuse Bruno Betzel Rochester-Buffalo
1952 Rochester Harry Walker Montreal Walter Alston Syracuse-Toronto
1953 Montreal Walter Alston Rochester Harry Walker Buffalo-Baltimore
1954 Syracuse Skeeter Newsome Montreal Max Macon Toronto-Rochester
1955 Rochester Fred Walker Toronto Luke Sewell Havana-Montreal
1956 Rochester Fred Walker Toronto Bruno Betzel Miami-Montreal
1957 Buffalo Phil Cavarretta Miami Donald Osborn Toronto-Richmond
1958 *Montreal Clay Bryant Toronto Fred Walker Rochester-Columbus
1959 Havana Preston Gomez Richmond Mike Souchok Buffalo-Columbus
1960 *Toronto Mel McGaha Rochester Clyde King Richmond-Buffalo
1961 Buffalo Kerby Farrell Rochester Clyde King Columbus-Charleston
1962 Atlanta Joe Schultz Jacksonville Ben Geraghty Toronto-Rochester
1963 *Indianapolis Rollie Hemsley Atlanta Harry Walker Syracuse-Toronto
1964 Rochester Darrell Johnson Syracuse Frank Carswell Jacksonville-Buffalo
1965 Toronto Dick Williams Columbus Larry Shepard Atlanta-Syracuse
1966 Toronto Dick Williams Richmond Bill Adair Rochester-Columbus
1967 Toledo Jack Tighe Columbus Pete Peterson Richmond-Rochester
1968 Jacksonville Clyde McCullough Columbus Johnny Pesky Toledo-Rochester
1969 Syracuse Frank Verdi Columbus Don Hoak Tidewater-Louisville
1970 *Syracuse Frank Verdi Columbus Joe Morgan Rochester-Tidewater
1971 *Rochester Joe Altobelli Tidewater Hank Bauer Charleston-Syracuse
1972 Tidewater Hank Bauer Louisville Darrell Johnson Charleston-Rochester
1973 Pawtucket Darrell Johnson Charleston Joe Morgan Rochester-Tidewater
1974 *Rochester Joe Altobelli Syracuse Bobby Cox Memphis-Richmond
1975 *Tidewater Joe Frazier Syracuse Bobby Cox Charleston-Rochester
1976 Syracuse Bobby Cox Richmond Jack McKeon Rochester-Memphis
1977 Charleston Jim Beauchamp Pawtucket Joe Morgan Richmond-Tidewater
1978 Richmond Tommie Aaron Pawtucket Joe Morgan Charleston-Toledo
1979 *Columbus Gene Michael Syracuse Vern Benson Richmond-Tidewater
1980 *Columbus Joe Altobelli Toledo Cal Ermer Richmond-Rochester
1981 *Columbus Frank Verdi Richmond Eddie Haas Rochester-Tidewater
1982 Tidewater Jack Aker Rochester Lance Nichols Richmond-Columbus
1983 Tidewater Dave Johnson Richmond Eddie Haas Columbus-Charleston
1984 Pawtucket Tony Torchia Maine Doc Edwards Columbus-Toledo
1985 Tidewater Bob Schaefer Columbus Stump Merrill Syracuse-Maine
1986 *Richmond Roy Majtyka Rochester John Hart Pawtucket-Tidewater
1987 Columbus Bucky Dent Tidewater Mike Cubbage Rochester-Pawtucket
1988 *Rochester Johnny Oates Tidewater Mike Cubbage  
1989 *Richmond Jim Beauchamp Syracuse Bob Bailor  
1990 *Rochester Greg Biagini Columbus Rick Down  
1991 *Columbus Rick Down Pawtucket Butch Hobson  
1992 *Columbus Rick Down Scranton/W.B. Lee Elia Richmond-Pawtucket
1993 *Charlotte Charlie Manuel Rochester Bob Miscik Richmond-Ottawa
1994 *Richmond Grady Little Syracuse Bob Didier Charlotte-Pawtucket
1995 *Ottawa Pete Mackanin Norfolk Toby Harrah Richmond-Rochester
1996 *Columbus Stump Merrill Rochester Marv Foley Norfolk-Pawtucket
1997 *Rochester Marv Foley Columbus Stump Merrill Charlotte-Pawtucket
1998 *Buffalo Jeff Datz Durham Bill Evers Louisville-Syracuse
1999 *Charlotte Tom Spencer Durham Bill Evers Columbus-Scranton/W B
2000 *Indianapolis Steve Smith Scranton/WB Marc Bombard Buffalo-Durham
2001 **Louisville Dave Miley Scranton Marc Bombard Buffalo-Norfolk
2002 *Durham Bill Evers Buffalo Eric Wedge Scranton/WB-Toledo
2003 *Durham Bill Evers Pawtucket Buddy Bailey Louisville-Ottawa
2004 *Buffalo Marty Brown Richmond Pat Kelly Columbus-Durham
2005 *Toledo Larry Parrish Indianapolis Trent Jewett Buffalo-Norfolk
2006 *Toledo Larry Parrish Rochester Stan Cliburn Scranton/WB-Charlotte-Indianapolis
2007 Richmond Dave Brundage Durham Charlie Montoyo Toledo-Scranton/WB
2008 *Scranton/WB Dave Miley Durham Bulls Charlie Montoyo Pawtucket - Louisville

* Also Pennant Winner

**The Governors Cup playoff was canceled with the Louisville RiverBats (Reds) holding a 1-0 lead in the best-of-seven series. Louisville was named league champion over the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons (Phillies). Louisville had won the opener 2-1.