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Baseball Minor Leagues

Baseball Minor Leagues

The Baseball Minor League System is extensive with a variety of clasifications and leagues. From the triple A leagues to the short season leagues this section covers all the sanctioned minor leagues. We have also included Independent Leagues, which are not recognized by the current affiliated minor league structure of professional baseball (NAPBL), National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, a relatively new development.

Major League teams are limited to one AAA farm team, one AA team, but can have several Class A and Rookie teams.

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Minor League Baseball Class AAA Leagues

Minor League Baseball AAA Leagues

The American League and National League consist of 30 teams therefore the two Class AAA Leagues, International and Pacific Coast are limited to a maximum of 30 teams. The Mexican League, Class AAA teams are considered independent but do have many players contracted with Major League Teams.

International League Listing International League Champions
Pacific Coast League Listing Pacific Coast League Champions
Mexican League Listing Mexican League Champions

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Minor League Baseball - Class AA Leagues

Minor League Baseball - AA Leagues

Three leagues are Class AA, the Eastern League, Southern League and Texas League.

Eastern League Listing Eastern League Champions
Southern League Listing Southern League Champions
Texas League Listing Texas League Champions

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Minor League Baseball - Class A Leagues

Minor League Baseball - A Leagues

Major League Baseball teams may have several A League ball teams. There are five leagues, California, Carolina, Florida State, Mid West and South Atlantic. Click on the link to find the information of the league of your choice. Championship information is available from the league page if available.

California League Listing California League Champions
Carolina League Listing Carolina League Champions
Florida State League Florida State League Champions
Mid West League Listing Mid West League Champions
South Atlantic League Listing South Atlantic League Champions

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Minor League Baseball - Independent Leagues

Minor League Baseball - Independent Leagues

Before the minor leagues became a temporary training operation for the parent major league club, minor league teams were independently owned and operated.. New independent leagues have formed over the past few years, and are included, in this section.

Atlantic League Listing Atlantic League Past Champions
American Association American Association Past Champions
CanAm League CanAm League Champions
Continental League  
Frontier League Listing Frontier League Past Champions
Golden Baseball League  
Northern League Listing Northern League Past Champions
South Coast League  
United League  
Defunct Leagues  
Arizona Mexico League  
Canadian Baseball League  
Central Baseball League Listing Central Baseball League Champions (Texas-Louisianna)
Northeast League Northeast League Past Champions
Southeastern League  
Western League Western League Past Champions

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Minor League Baseball - Short Season Leagues

Short Season Leagues

The Short Season Leagues are lsited below.

New York-Penn Listing NY-Penn League Champions
Northwest League Listing Northwest League Champions

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Minor League Baseball - Rookie Leagues

Rookie Leagues

The Rookies Leagues consist of four leagues.

Appalachian League Listing Appalachian League Champions
Arizona League Listing Arizona League Champions
Gulf Coast League Listing  
Pioneer League Listing Pioneer League Champions

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Minor League Baseball - Other Leagues

Other Leagues

Other leagues that do not fall under working agreements but are member leagues of the NAPBL are Dominican Summer League, Venezuelan Summer League, and Mexican Pacific Winter League.

Dominican Summer League  
Mexican Academy League  
Venezuelan Summer League