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Professional Football

Professional Football Area....a guide to the gridiron.

Football from around the globe. Yes it is played in countries other than the United States, even if the field sizes are different, rules vary and even the number of downs are different. Who would have thought also that  many women's leagues also exists at this level? We have even included the now defunct XFL for your reference.

For the non North American visitors we have a separate soccer area. Yes we know that we have violated some international rule by using this naming of the sports. Yes we hang our heads in shame at this act. Please forgive us, the uneducated colonialists that we are, and click the soccer link.

Included in our Pro Football Area is:

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National Football League (NFL)

NFL (National Football League)

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Canadian Football League (CFL)

CFL (Canadian Football League)

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NFL Europa

NFL Europa (defunct 2007)

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XFL (defunct)

This short lived league is remembered here.