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Major League Baseball (MLB) Awards

Major League Baseball (MLB) Awards

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Baseball gloves made of gold leather, baseball bats with silver coatings...some great treasures to the winners of Major League Baseball's individual awards.

What would MLB be without the awards. No arguing over who should have been the MVP, who was deserving of the Cy Young Award, or who is the Fireman of the year? Think about this for a moment, and you realize why we could not have this area within Rauzulu's Street. For a quick reference we have included the current winners on this page, but prior winners are just a click, on the award name away.


Winner (2007)


All Star MVP

Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners (2007)

Manager of the Year (AP)

Discontinued 2001

Player of the Year (AP)

Discontinued 2001

Outstanding Designated Hitter (AP)


Cy Young Award

Jake Peavy, San Diego
C.C. Sabathia, Cleveland

Gold Glove Winners

See Listing

Hank Aaron Award

Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
Alex Rodriguez, New York

Manager of the Year (Baseball Writers)


Most Valuable Player


Roberto Clemete Award


Rolaids Relief Man


Rookie of the Year (BBWA)

Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
Dustin Pedroia, Boston

Silver Slugger Award

See Listing

The Sporting News Executive of the Year


The Sporting News Fireman of the Year

The Sporting News Player of the Year


The Sporting News Manager of the Year


The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year

Discountinued 2005

The Sporting News Rookies of the Year

The Sporting News Rookie Pitchers of Yr

Discountinued 2004

Hutch Award


Ford C. Frick Award


Lou Gehrig Award


Tony Conigliaro Award